Volcano Hiker

About Me

I've been coaching since 2006. I draw on fields including Generative Trance, NLP, the Alexander Technique, Social Ecology, and Psychoanalysis.

I emphasize that human beings have human bodies. Often our problems show up as bodily symptoms. Through coaching I help my clients pay better attention to their bodies, their breathing, their muscles and their senses. Benefits include a more peaceful and pleasurable experience of one's embodiment, as well as subtler and more timely attunement to the need for self-care.

I aim to hold myself and my clients to standards that are high, but reachable, knowing all the while that some days are better than others.

Beyond coaching, my pursuits include kitefoiling, hiking, music and storytelling.


B.App.Sc.(Hons) Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney 2003

Certified Advanced New-Code NLP Coach 2006

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher 2009

Extensive training with Stephen Gilligan in Generative Trance 2012 - present