Over the years I've arrived at a model of coaching that has three branches. Each branch offers a particular type of support. When you develop and draw support from all three branches, good things happen.

Coaching begins with clearly identifying your specific goals and challenges. With this done, we explore which branches you may already be accessing, and which branches could use some more attention. We take steps to build skills in previously undeveloped branches. We also build the skill of knowing when and how to shift between the different branches of support.

Branch One

  • Calm, centred connection to self

  • Mindful attunement to breath, body, feelings and thoughts

  • Orientation to the present moment

Branch Two

  • Practical engagement with specific challenges

  • Taking responsibility, skill-development, daily routines and action plans, measurable feedback and reality testing

  • Orientation to challenges and goals in the short and medium term

Branch Three

  • Self-knowledge and meaning-making

  • Working with the stages of life, connecting to human mythology, history, archetypes and potential

  • Orientation to your life's potential and meaning within the unfolding journey of humankind

Each branch offers great support but each branch also needs to be balanced by the other two.

If you only have branch one, you may end up meditating at home forever, or until the universe magically arranges itself for your convenience, whichever comes first.

If you only have branch two, you may find yourself becoming a workaholic, forever putting out fires, attending to surface problems.  This can lead to feeling that there's never time to relax or to reflect on what it all means.

If you only have branch three, you risk becoming lost in archetypal fantasies. If given free reign, these fantasies can take a person away from reality, potentially fuelling addictive behaviours and dangerous acting-out.

Through coaching you learn, in a very practical way, how to draw support from each branch, and how to create balance between them.